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Full Version: TRO help needed please
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Elsewhere I read something about the local car parks I use regularly, and I thought I ought to check up on it so I was sure of my position when parking there.

I searched online for any TROs but only one came up referring to weight limits on roads.

This morning I had to be in the Town Hall on other business and decided to ask while I was there, but nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. I tried spelling the words out in full, complete with definition, but was still met by blank looks.

An assistant [why are they called that when the very thing they don't do is assist?] then rang around a few departments, and eventually reached someone who told her that they are kept in the Borough Solicitor's office, and if I gave details of exactly what I wanted, then an appointment could be made for me to go in and look at it.

When i said that what I was asking for covered a block of five car parks and five roads, and I wanted to be able to peruse them in detail, eyes glazed over again, and heads shook dubiously.

I've come away with a telephone number to ring, but I'd like to know what the position is before I ring - is it a public document that should be readily available?

I have more confidence in the information I get here than from the Council, so thank you in advance!



They should be available for any member of the public to peruse at their leisure during working hours.

This is a good post to read, especially the post by Bama who outlines what you need to say and do.

Obtaining TRO
Thanks very much indeed - I obviously didn't put the right search term in the box!


stay calm

never raise your voice

do not be put off by bullcrap

instruct them, never ask for anything .Always tell them.

lots of other posts by me on this that discuss LGA 1972 and the
The Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996
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