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Full Version: should i have got a ticket?
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Click to view attachmentBasically i parked my bike in a cycle rack and was given a parking ticket sayin :

Code o2
Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in place. Basically i have already gone down to council saying that on thre cycle rack it does not state it for pedal bikes only and that i believe a wrong offence code was issued.

They just got back to me sayin, the restriction for no loading (double yellow lines plus kerb double kerb marks operates from the centre of the highway to the start of private property, and therefore includes the cycle rack area, your motorcycle was therefore in contravention of the no loading restriction. you are not allowed to park within the no loading restriction.

You state that there is not signage indicating that motorcycles are not permittedto park in this cycle rack. No signage is needed. unless you have parked your motorcycle in a dedicated area for motorcycles, any restriction which is on the road apllies to the pavement area.

There was a sign sayin no loading aat any time but i didnt spot it at first as it was on the other side of road.

I just would like advise on what to do? Pay or not??

Any help much appreciated
Post up both sides of the PCN
had to edit first pictures to put the pcn on.
Does the bit about challenging the PCN have any more wording? I think it should do!

We need to see the wording about appealing (the whole of the back of the PCN).

And you may like to re-post the first pic of the front of the PCN as it shows your motorbike registration number and the PCN number. Best to blank any ID details out on the internet.

Also can you tke a pic of their rejection letter as well, I know you've quoted from it but best to see their letter here.
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