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Hi Guys,

A few months back I got a charge from G24 for overstaying at a Wickes car park.

After reading all the great advice on here I have ignored everything to date but just wanted to check about letter no.5 below.

I am 90% confident in ignoring it but just wanted a little reassurance. Thanks Guys in advance.


standard guff from them.

'Creditor' - my ar$e
As Bama, utter tosh, will never go to court, laughable really

I'm on my second letter from Debt Recovery Plus, similar routine. The wording in both their letters appears to breach the OFT's (which licences debt collectors) Code of Conduct for debt collectors, so I'm reporting them in writing to the OFT. If you're nasty like me, you may wish to check CCS's letters against the OFT's Code of Conduct....

I could also pass on their bank details on one of the letters inviting payment to all those people who e-mail from various West African countries wanting to give me large sums of money......
Thanks Guys - I will continue to ignore wink.gif
Norm de Plume
Tell them to put up or shut up - if they think they have a case to sue you (in which case you will counterclaim for harassment), otherwise you will sue them/report them for harassment and report then to the OFT. This should have the desired effect. They don't seem to be too willing to indicate they are a limited company as required by law.
If they aren't indicating they are a limited company then the Compliance Section at Companies House might be interested.

I alerted Companies House to the TPS Parking Solutions website which was apparently non-compliant and Companies House has got them to change it.

Which has probably cost TPS more than the parking "ticket" they sent me a few months ago. And which I haven't paid. Obviously.

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