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Full Version: Local Authority PCN - Reg. Keeper always liable!?
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A friend has recieved an PCN for parking outside the designated boundaries (or words to that effect).

On the PCN it states that the keeper is liable even if not in charge of the vehicle - surely this can't be the case?

"As the register owner/keeper of the vehicle (or the person who was hiring the vehicle) at the time the Penatly Charge Notice was issued, you are liable for the Penalty Charge even if you were not the driver at the time of the contravention"

There is no such person as the Registered Owner. The owner is liable but the owner may not necessarily be the Registered Keeper.
The legislation says the owner is liable for the payment of the penalty notice. It is probably true that the vast majority of owners are also the Registered Keeper but it is somewhat presumptuous of the LA to be using these words on the PCN and I am sure it would suggested that they are misrepresenting the legal position of the person in receipt of it. If you can get the PCN posted up on here and then more advice can be given. Read the Stickys at the top of this forum and get some help from there.
If yuo want help with appealing the ticket, start by posting your PCN - both sides.
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