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Full Version: Do the DVLA have to send an NIP
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2 years ago my car broke down in the Netherlands, and I declared it SORN then towed it on recovery trucks to Bucks, then towed it on a trailer to Berks, then towed it to a garage in Dorset for repair, then towed it back to Berks afterwards. It still didn't run perfectly, so I sold it. Meanwhile I moved house 4 times and spent many many months outside of the UK.

At some point during all this towing I guess I must have passed an ANPR camera, because the DVLA is asking for £80 through an unheard-of DCA.

I never received a NIP, but one could have been sent to any one of my old addresses. Do the DVLA have to send NIPs? and do I need to send them the information on the "request for information form" on the back of a NIP? and can I send them the reply to a "request for information" even though they're not asking for it?

Finally, as I never signed an agreement to have my details sold to a 3rd-party, can I prosecute the DVLA under the Data Protection Act for giving my details to a DCA?
What offence are you alleged to have committed and when ?

Did you inform DVLA when you sold the vehicle ?

Legislation does exist for DVLA to issue penalties under certain conditions but they have a habit of inventing offences when they've lost some paperwork. You need to provide more information if you want advice.

Forget DPA prosecutions. Whether or not a debt really exists they can pass your info to the DCA that they've employed.

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