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Full Version: Followed on M25 doing 65 in temp 40 limit (roadworks)
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Offense was in England (M25) Constabulary were Surrey Police at 1:24 on Mon 28/03/05, I am the Registered Keeper, I've held a UK License for 10 years so far with 0 points on it.

It was 1:20am (bank holiday) Monday morning, I was driving back from Cornwall via Oxford, anti-clockwise round the M25 between Jn12 - Jn11, there are road works with temporary speed limit of 40. M25 was pretty empty, I knew where the temporary cameras were, on passing the last one I sped up to about 60. Car from the inside lane pulled out and tail gated me. I should have realised it was the police. Usually I drive pretty much to the speed limit, it was late, hardly anyone around and the road works dissapear and the road widens at the point where they started following me, although the limit is 40 for about 1/2 a mile. They put their flashing lights on about 200m after we were into the NSL. They had followed me for 0.6 mile. When I saw the lights flashing in my mirror I assumed they were pulling the guy for tail-gating me...

I first asked not to do this in the hard shoulder (I think its a potentially deadly place to stop) and asked to continue to the next junction (about 1 mile away). They refused and said "if anything hits, it'll get us first". After all the formalities were done  I asked to view the video, they showed it to me, they probably werent quite as close as I imagined but as my journey had been on almost empty roads they seemed to be pretty close when they pulled in behind me. I wanted to get a second look at where they started to follow me from and asked them to rewind the tape. At this point the officer said "We've wasted enough time already tonight, I'm not showing you any more." Then they told me to be on my way.

So far doesnt seem like I have a leg to stand on. The offence was the Monday after the clocks changed, the time for the offense is 0:24 on the notice, whilst it actually took place at 1:24. I was in oxford at 0:15 dropping a friend off at their house. How particular does the offense notice have to be? They have me on video and there's little doubt I was there.

Also does anyone know what the offense code is? I cant find it on any forums... Z14 or is it 214?

The form I have has 2 options, payment slip or court hearing. Any advise?
Can anyone help with helping track down what the offense code means?
QUOTE (MDoherty)
Can anyone help with helping track down what the offense code means?

Offence codes came up recently in another post, Monster (a serving plod) posted that forces have their own offence codes which arent [neccessarily] the same as the DVLA codes that would end up on your licence.
This has to be the most absurd speed limit  I have ever seen; I take it we are talking about the bit between the A30 and the M3; wide open motorway 4-lanes with a 40mph speed limit! Must be an absolute gold mine for the police; talk about easy pickings. If ever there were a need for police to use discretion, this would be it. Doing 60mph down that bit when it's quiet is perfectly safe.


Have a look at this thread

If the time is really wrong??
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