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Full Version: Mobile Camera Van A143
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Saw a Mobile Camera Van on the A143 by Toft Monks in Norfolk, the Van was on top of like a valley and the road travels down the valley then up towards the speed camera all within view of it, just wondered if the Cameras have to take your speed on level ground? as i was probably over the speed limit (60) before everybody started flashing me as im going down the hill, i slowed my car to 40 at the bottom of the hill and the proceeded to go passed the camera van at this speed.

How do these Camera Vans work do they take an average of your speed?,22.52,,0,5

Heres where the camera is located on google maps in the layby on the right

Any help appreciated.

They don't need level ground. They are not average speed cameras, rather "point and shoot". (In simple terms) a laser or radar beam is aimed at your car, and the returning signal is used to calculate your speed.

You'll have to keep your fingers crossed nothing arrives in the post in the next 14 days (assuming you are the RK of your car).
How do they calculate your speed by taking 2 readings?

but fractions of a second a part
OH rite ill have to wait it out then, think i was only speeding as i come round the corner at the top of the hill
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