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Full Version: Flashed by Gatso - advice please
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Hi, please excuse my ignorance- I am a complete novice at these things.

I am hoping you can put my mind at ease. I was flashed twice by a Gatso on the A1 near Torness earlier today. I was (nearly) following the limit so was surprised that I could have triggered a camera anyway, (missus in car so I was behaving). I got 2 quick succession flashes so presume it has taken a piccie, but what mostly confused me was i was approaching the camera so it was facing me. I was following traffic (at the same speed but they didnt get flashed?) Nothing was travelling the opposite direction to have triggered the camera.

As I said, i have zero knowlede of these things, but I was under the assumption that these cameras worked by capturing the rear of the vehicle as you passed. So can I relax?

My work is uber sensitive about points on licences so I'd like to know if I need to be preparing the ground for some bad news in a couple of weeks!

Any advice would be appreciated meantime. Obviously if I get a notice I will get back on and see what can be done.

Thanks. smile.gif
Was it one of these ? If so, you can probably relax - Type 24 Gatsos are not approved for front facing use in the UK.

Thanks for that. smile.gif Im fairly sure that was the beastie that flashed me. I had a look on google earth and it certainly was the type in use when they passed so is probably the same. Phew.! That was one conversation I didn't want to have with my work.

Any idea why it would flash an oncoming vehicle then? Is it faulty? (If so I wont be rushing to tell them, Lol!)
QUOTE (Disneyfan @ Tue, 4 May 2010 - 15:26) *
Any idea why it would flash an oncoming vehicle then? Is it faulty?

Who knows ? Could be faulty, self-triggering at random, set to flash approaching as well as receding traffic (ie if no camera was installed), etc etc..
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