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Full Version: Dual Red Light/Speed Cameras
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I have noticed several of these Dual Red Light/Speed Cameras popping up over Glasgow recently.
Has anyone had any experience of them yet. i.e getting caught by 1 when it is apparently operating in Amber/Green mode.
Below is a description of how they work from Strathclyde Camera website.

RedSpeed digital cameras. Installation commencing end of 2009. This new digital technology is being brought in to replace the ageing film-based camera stock and has the added capability of enforcing speeding as well as red light violations. They are all at locations where film cameras were used previously to enforce traffic signals compliance.They operate in the same manner as film cameras during the red phase but can also be used to detect speeding vehicles during the green and amber phases. This is an important development for road safety in deterring drivers from ’racing the lights’.

Does this also mean they are required to put up Speed Camera warning signs in the area leading up to the location?



I went back up to the camera I went though tonight to see if i could see if it triggered when anyone went through it at excessive speed.
Unfortunately no one really had the opertunity to test it as the traffic was busy.
Although I did see 1 woman in a Mazda stroll right through the red light Flash x 2...... oh Dear.

Here is the link to the camera in question.

I will add that I did go through on a green/amber but I am not sure about my speed and as this is apparently Dual function I am worried. I am super paranoid about these things.

Pete D
Are there any sensor lines in the road ( 4 ) followed by 3 wtite lines, or are then any markers on the road 12/15 at 1 metre spacing. Regards Peter
Yes there are multiple white lines on the road.
The camera seems to be a good bit back though.

I read they have the Potential to be speed cameras. Does this mean they have to have that setting enabled?
The other 1 I have seen on the other side of the city has no road markings at all and is exact same camera.

Although they advertise these as dual red/tls in Glasgow I cant see how the speed would be enabled yet on the ones i've seen, if it is then my defence would be the lack of markers on any of the roads I see them at.

Thinking of one in particular I see daily, there are no lines like you get with Gatso's and I thought there had to be.
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