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Full Version: Help regarding driving through amber light and speed camera location
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Hi today on my way to hunstanton in norfolk i ended up going through a amber light, further up the road there is a speed camera on the oppisite side of the road facing me( im driving towards it)

what i was wondering is could this have caught me driving through the amber? i tried finding this camera location on google earth but not having much luck plus im not very good with google earth.

heres a link to the camera i think lol

can someone let me know if im likely to get a ticket, also a link to this on google earth would be great


Managed to find it on google earth.

i copied the image from where the gatso camera is located.

led zep
If you have gone through an amber traffic light a speed camera facing you on the other side of the road will not have picked this up.I would not concern myself. How far from the traffic signal lights is the speed camera as a matter of interest.
A traffic control camera may notice you but not a speed camera that has to be triggered by a vehicle.

In any case, it's not an offence to pass an amber light if you were so close that you couldn't stop safely.

theres no cameras on them traffic lights so im hoping im ok, i tend to worry over these silly things
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