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Full Version: Claim Form Wrong Address
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Hi everyone, first of all great site, hats off to all that contribute, great idea.

Right, i had the misfortune of crashing into somebody in August 2009, admittedly it was my fault, i was pulling away from the traffic lights when i gently rear ended the car in front, the passengers said they were fine and i thought that would be it, we exchanged details and i presumed my insurers would resolve the matter, however i received a letter from my insurers stating that the driver was making a claim for whiplash, again i contacted my insurers and told them i was worried that he was being dishonest and after a quick buck, they told me not to worry and they would look after it.
Case closed i presumed until this morning when i received a Claim Form demanding damagas in excess of £3000. However this never arrived via the Postman but a neighbour down the road from me, turns out they had entered the wrong address and the neighbour had opened it by mistake, most likeky had a read of it and now aware of what i'am involved in. I'am hoping (praying) that there may be some sort of loop hole and that this may be dropped, if not should i offer a settlement and of how much?

Sorry if this is a bit long winded and unnecessary i'm new to this, any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks again.
Send it to your insurance company with a short letter explaining how you received it. Recorded Delivery will do no harm.

Don't enter into any correspondence with anyone except your own insurance company.

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