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Full Version: Off duty cop with road rage threatened me with penalty, help!
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Hi all,

I'd like some input please about whether I should lodge a complaint or not about this fella.
Would it add any weight to my case if he follows up his threat?
Or should I accept that if pushed this will become a case of my word against his?

The situation:
I overtook a vehicle on a dual carriageway whist approaching road work cones which reduced it to one carriageway. At the time I considered there was plenty of room to perform the maneuvre without causing anyone any fuss. Once the other vehicle left my peripheral vision I looked for it in my wing mirror to pull in. The vehicle didn't appear out of my blind spot and into the wing mirror as I expected it to. At this point I thought "did this guy just speed up?" quickly checked my blind spot, saw he was still in my blind spot, sped up a little more (76ish) and pulled in.

At the point I pulled in he was probably only 15 feet behind me. He flashed his lights, did the obligatory masturbation hand-gesture and mouthing.

Later down the road, at a roundabout he sped up behind me and tail-gated me at about 4 feet for a mile or so.

Later still I pulled into a layby to map-read and he pulled up beside me (stopping traffic behind him) and told me he was off-duty but would be informing a colleague about my driving and to expect a penalty notice in the post. His wife (looking really annoyed) and kid were also in the car, my girlfriend in mine. I asked if he'd sped up to make my over-taking deliberately more difficult - he said no, and drove off.

So, the way I see it is that he was ****** off that I overtook him, because at worst it was 'cheeky'. He decided to make the situation worse by changing speed. Then gesticulated and pursued me as if he were in a patrol vehicle, when he was in a civilian vehicle with his family. Then stopped on a freeway to tell me.

1) I'm assuming, if followed through, this would end up as my word against his on the opinion of whether my maneuvre was dangerous, and whether he exacerbated the issue. Is there any point arguing in this situation?

2) Do his actions of gesturing and tailgating add any weight to my opinion that he allowed his emotions to get the better of him when he didn't have another officer with him or little blue lights to play with? (although, again, he could just deny this even occured)

3) Would a pre-emptive strike of complaining about him help to solidify my view?

I've half-decided to just put it down to experience and swallow whatever happens and never, ever overtake anyone in any situation ever again but any informed input would be appreciated.

I would suggest that he wasn't a 'off duty police officer' at all, but just someone you had anoyed by getting in front of them. From what you have described, he obviously increased his speed to prevent you from merging back into the inside lane and then tail-gated you. This could be considered as dangerous driving and would be his word against yours. Also impersonating a police officer is a serious offence also and if you obtained his car reg number, I would of contacted the police and reported the incident to them.
Who you gonna complain about?

Who was he?

What force does he work for?
He had that policeman vibe about him.

I have his reg number. Also, if he does follow his word he'll have to identify himself as the accuser.

This still leaves the question of 'what if' we come to a situation of my word against his. Would a complaint from me in any way legally solidify my opinion or at worst provoke him further if he's decided he can't be bothered.
nid forget making a complaint about hi m as a copper and report him for careless driving as if he was a member of the public

if you wait till you hear from them it makes it look tit for tat

I bet he's not Traffic, driving up your pipe with his family in the car. the public would get pulled for that for sure.

get your passenger to make as detailed contemporaneous notes as they can.
Re: tit for tat - yeah that's what I'm concerned about. As it happens I can't find the blinking reg number (scribbled on a fuel receipt somewhere in the car) so I may make a statement for the record anyway and assume that if he follows through it'll get connected via my own reg, or when I find the scribbled note.

Re: my passenger - she was completely oblivious to the whole thing until until he pulled up next to us. It proves my driving to me since she's the first to complain if she thinks I'm doing anything wrong, obviously that's not evidence though.
You won't hear anything.
IF he actually was a copper he'd have realised he'd have to say how he followed you, etc and his behaviour would be part of any court case. His employers wouldn't be happy either.

Sounds more like an annoyed idiot who likes to think he's a policeman and wanted to have a rant.
I wouldnt go making any complaints if he is police you may be poking the wasps nest.My gut feeling is theres nothing to come from this but a complaint may just tip the scales and not in your favour.
If it was me id write down what happened and sit tight.
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