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Full Version: police radar device
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hi im new and would like some advice

i passed a police car yesterday in a lay by on my left,i braked but prob passed him at 35 in a 30, looked in my mirror and he had a speed radar out of the window
i am currently on 9 points and am scared i will be banned,i am a foster carer and need my car
will he have been spotting me or cars coming towards him?
if im banned how long? all my points are for same offence
thanks in advance
35 on your speedo? You were probably only doing really 32-33 as speedos overread by up to 10%. 33 wouldn't cause them to pay you any attention, and if they were bothered they would have most likely pulled you at the time.
I can back this up too - I used to build Land Rovers and Jaguars. The speedo's are set no more than 5 mph than your actual speed. I have a Chrysler and my Speedo says I am doing 35mph but my sat nav works it out using the Distance over time equals speed method and that says I am doing 31 mph.

So yeah, if you were causing them concern you would have probably been pulled there and then.
And they generally do oncoming traffic
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