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Hi All

Last Sunday I parked in a Lidl car park to go and watch a football game in a local pub. The car park does operate a maximum stay of 1 1/2 hours however as it was a Sunday and after the store had closed I assumed it would be Ok to park there.

I have now received a parking ticket through the post with two pictures of my car, one showing the time I entered the car park and one showing the time I left. I was actually there for a total of 2 hours and 44 minutes however the car park was empty and the store was closed.

The parking fee has come from a company called 'Athena ANPR Ltd' and the payment address given is a PO Box Address. The top of the ticket says "CHARGE CERTIFICATE - CIVIL PARKING CHARGE NOTICE'

At no point through the ticket does it actually state its a PCN however a reference number at the top of the letter is given as "Parking Charge Notice Number"

Is this a ticket from a private firm meaning I should just ignore it?

Many thanks for all your help.
CIVIL parking charge = imaginary.


When dealing with "tickets" from private parking companies (PPCs) our advice is to ignore them. For more information about this recommendation and private parking companies, click this link.
Thank you!

If I just ignore it will they send further letters/bailiffs or anything???

They can't send bailliffs. The debt does not exist.
So I just ignore it and they wont hassle me??
I just don't want to end up with a load of hassle over £30.
You may get half a dozen begging letters, if you can't stand that sort of hassle, pay it.
if you can't stand that sort of hassle, pay it.

Thats how it all works.

Make up a debt, tell someone you owe them money.

Hassle them until they either believe they owe them money or they give in just for a quiet life.

Just beggars with a PC, a word processor and a colour printer
The begging letters WILL state all sorts of bluff for example Debt Collectors, Solicitors, Legal Action, CCJs, badly affected Credit Rating, and all sorts. But the fact of the matter is that you owe them nothing and they don't have a legal leg to stand on.

The letters will be worded such that you get scared into paying.

Ignore them.
So I dont even need to bother replying and saying Im not paying?

Just simply bin any letter I receive from them and they will eventually go away?

Sorry for all the questions guys, just don't really fancy a Phil Mitchell look alike turning up on my doorstep demanding money! LOL!
Don't bin them, just file them away.
PPCs don't do doorstep visits, it's not worth their while. Their business model just revolves around sending as many speculative invoices as possible, and taking money from the percentage of people who don't yet know that the system is fake. Luckily you're no longer part of that percentage!
OK, thank you all for all your help ... just one last question ... this will defo 110% work???
HI All

Sorry to drag up an old post, just wanted to update the situation on this one.

I ignored the fine as was recommended by you guys, they sent a chase letter demanding payment within 7 days, which I again ignored. They then sent a further letter stating if payment did not reach them in 7 days they would transfer the debt to a third party debt recovery company who will issue proceedings and may contact my employer for an attachment of earnings!
Wanting to make it clear to them I was not intending on paying their "fake" parking charge I searched the net for some more info on these charges and found a number of template letters to use as a reply.
I then emailed this to them:

You issued me with a parking ticket on 07/03/2010 but I believe it was unfairly issued and I will not be paying your demand for payment for the following reason:

The fine is disproportionate.

According to the Unfair Consumer Contract Regulations, parking fines on private land must not exceed the cost to the landowner during the period the motorist is parked there. In my case, the £90 charge you are asking for far exceeds the cost to the landowner, especially as the alleged contravention was after 4pm on a Sunday when Lidl would have been closed, therefore no loss could have occurred.

If you choose to pursue me for this fine please be aware that I will not enter into any correspondence and this will be the only letter you will receive from me until you answer the specific points raised in my letter.

The email was sent on Friday and I am yet to receive a response from them ... making me think (and hope!) they have finally realised Im not one of the people that has been fooled by their threatening letters and hopefully they have now given up!!!

You'll just get more begging letters or even calls from someone saying they are managing the "debt" for their "client"

"debt" = fantasy

"client" = next desk to them.

If you really want to write to them (and i don't advise that you do) then keep it simple. You are giving them far to much credence. Something like:

I am in receipt of an unsolicited invoice in relation to a "parking charge" that you believe i owe to you.

Thak this is formal notice that i do not accept that i am in any way liable for this charge. Should you feel it neccesary to contact me again, I require the following evidence:
-A confirmation of who was driving the car at the time
-Details of the contract you believe the driver entered into
-A breakdown of how this charge equates to your losses due to the driver's actions.

If you believe your charge is legally enforcable then I invite you to make a county court claim immediately. No further correspondance will be entered into.

This is also formal notice that, under the Data Protection Act, I forbid you to process my details, or to share those details with any other company. Breach of this, or any further intimidatory or fraudulent representations on your behalf will result in formal complaints to:
-The BPA
-The Office of Fair Trading
-Trading Standards
-The Credit Services Association
-My Member of Parliament

These complaints will be fully pursued until action is taken.
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