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Full Version: Have i shot myself in the foot? (regarding private car parks)
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I work for a cinema at a leisure retail park. I came in to work my morning shift and it had been snowing and covered the whole ground of the car park. You couldn't see the parking lines so i parked next to a car and went into work.

During the day the snow melted and it revealed that i was parking into two spaces. When i finished work i noticed a 'parking charge notice' on the car.

The fine is issued by UKPC Ltd

I should have read these type of forums before sending off an email to appeal. This is the email i sent to them about a hour ago:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to appeal the above parking charge notice issued to me on Sunday 21 February 2010, in respect of my vehicle registration number **** ********. The circumstance for the appeal is as follows:

I was working the morning shift at the Cineworld cinema at the Ashton Moss leisure park on that day. I arrived at the leisure park at about 9:20am. It had snowed heavily overnight. Unfortunately, as the snow had not melted when I arrived into the car park, covering the whole parking area to the point that it covered the parking lines. As a result of this, I inadvertently parked onto two car park spaces and was not aware of this until my shift had ended sometime in the late afternoon.

My day manager of Cineworld Cinema of that day, ****** ******* can confirm that the snow covered the whole parking area when my shift started.

In view of the above, I would be grateful if you would cancel the parking charge notice.

Yours faithfully,

Have i shot myself in the foot? One note that i've noticed on the email that i'm not the registered driver, just a named driver. Also the notice doesn't have any details of company details only a customer service number. It doesn't even state how much the fine will be.

I have been reading a few posts on various sites and it would seem that UKPC are more likely to reject the appeal, do i ignore all their letters and threats as everyone has said?

yes don't worry. Just ignore these chancers.
I cannot see any problem here.

1. The lines painted on the ground are on private land, so are meaningless in the eyes of the law.
2. They can only pursue you for actual losses as a result of your 'transgression' which is a big fat zero pounds.

They'd be idiots to take that to court given the above.


Nuisance that they have your details but the only serious harm is saving them £2-50 and the stamp for the first letter. Once you receive their rejection of your appeal, set your email system to bounce their messages.

There is no chance that UKPC would risk the mauling they would get if they were stupid enough to take this to court.
On MSE they have a thread showing the letters you will receive, see link below.

Don't be frightened by reading these letters on this link, be empowered as you will know what you will receive. Ignore all of the letters, including the one from the debt collector that says they have 'purchased the debt'. It's part of the letter chain and is issued by a 'debt collector' firm without so much as a secure website to collect money!

UKPC are one of a few PPCs where examples of all the letters are shown here:

You have not shot yourself in the foot at all. Loads of people have appealed first and then realised they needn't have bothered because there is no appeal. I expect you'll just get an extra letter quite soon 'appeal refused' - then they will roll out the usual suspect letters exactly as shown on MSE.

Live your life and collect the letters to show other friends about PPC scams. Nothing will happen.
The Tiny Cheese
There is no such thing as an appeal....they will send you a letter full of slaver as to why your 'appeal' was rejected.

Do not contact them again, Ignore them and get on with your life. File all the slaver you'll be getting and use it to tell all your friends and family. You'll get more slaver from 'debt collectors' saying possible court action, blah blah's just nonsense to scare/intimidate you into paying something you don't need to pay. Remember, you owe them NOTHING.

1. Ignore
2. Ignore some more
3. Ignore even more
4. Goto 1
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