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Full Version: Private ticket via post
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I received the following toward the end of last week, I was in fact parked there paying respects to a friend who had passed that day, in the Lloyds that is part of the retail 'park' this car park serves.

There was no ticket on the car, and I'm informed they have resorted to an ANPR system.

I believe I may have also passed the allowed on a further occasion since, so I guess I'm likely to receive another one of these too.

How should I handle it?

When dealing with "tickets" from private parking companies (PPCs) our advice is to ignore them.
Ignore. Same as all these CEL threads:;aq=f&oq=
The Tiny Cheese
LMAO...! They want another tenner off you if you want the photo, after they've soaked you for 150 notes....nice little earner for them eh?

It's toilet paper. Ignore it.
They'll send a few more letters with empty threats but will eventually go away.
Thanks for your advice.
past their CEL by date.

file and forget.
Taxi for Bama. wink.gif
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