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Can anyone adivse me??????

Only last night I was travelling along the M3 towards Hampshire. Never been along this route before!!

Anyhow through stupidity and dissorientation, I came to the 50mph Roadworks and before I could bring the car down to 50, the first Average Speed Camera was on me!!! I went through at just under 60ish!!! ohmy.gif

Oh BUM, I thought!!! Anyhow i brought the speed right down to 50mph if not lower and maintained that speed throughout the remaining cameras.

My question is firstly, how do they work, and secondly will I get that summons on my door mat in 14 days?? mellow.gif
SPECS are average speed cameras - they are incapable of measuring instantaneous speeds.

If you dropped your speed down to an indicated 50mph shortly after the first camera, then you will almost certainly be fine. Note that the enforcement threshold will be at least 57mph, not to mention the fact that your speedo is likely to display slightly higher than your true vehicle speed.

I'm most grateful for the info.

Thanks for your time
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