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Full Version: Speeding Offence Dumfries
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Good afternoon,

I was caught doing 100mph on the M74 motorway this weekend. The police officers caught me using a radar gun, and were located on the slip road of a service station. Once pulled over they informed me I was travelling at 100mph. They informed me that if I was doing 95mph it would have been a fixed penalty 3 points and £60. As I was over that speed, the matter had to be referred to courts, and a report submitted by the police officers stating road and weather conditions etc. He did say his report would be favourable i.e.conditions were dry and clear, very few cars on the motorway and I was not jumping from lane to lane. Was told by the officer I would have the chance to plead guilty by post.

Does anybody have any advice? Any ideas of what the fine or points will be? I did ask the policeman outright was I looking at a ban, he said no.

I have a clean licence. (for now)!

Thanks in advance

Whilst this table derives from the Sentencing Guidelines for England & Wales, it shouldn't be too far off the mark for offences occurring north of the border..

Thanks NEMO
Was it dead on 100 mph?

The court may want you there in person, if they do they are considering a disqualification.
I`d get a lawyer when the summons comes in unless they offer you something.
I got the same 5 years ago on the same part with no previous and been driving cleanly for 20+yrs.
Got 3month ban. So I wouldn`t listen to the police as they aren`t the PF,as they`ll decide if it goes to court etc.
These days up here they couldv`e done you for dangerous driving so wait for the summons.
A big difference betwee the A74(M) and the M74. The change is quite close to the Dumfries / Strathclyde boundary. Strathclyde is not Dumfries. I assume that a4gee was caught on the Dumfries bit.
Yes it was the a74m.

Still would get a lawyer if you get a summons. The sheriff said as I was doing over 100 a ban is the guide lines.

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