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Full Version: Is there a way to find out if I've been issued a charge?
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Yesterday I drove back home after a night out. I was 100% sober so this isn't a drink driving question or anything. I am however a bit anxious over speeding charges, the place I drove through had a LOT of speeding cameras. I'm just wondering if there's perhaps a way I can ring and find out if my reg has been snapped or anything.

Thanks in advance.
Let sleeping dogs lie.

Wait 14 days to see if anything arrives. If any letters arrive later make sure you have a witness.
Sign and date across the seal before opening. Obviously you will keep any envelopes.

If you are unfortunate enough to be caught by one or cameras we can look at arguments such as a single continuous offence but for now just wait and see.
The Notice of Intended Prosecution and the requirement to supply name of driver will be sent to the Registered Keeper. So if its not you it may take more than 14 days to find out about any problem. If its your name on the Registration Document then follow Gan's advice above. Don't forget to complete the NIP Wizard should the unwelcome envelope appear
Even if you were snapped speeding, unless it was excessive you may be eligible for a course instead.
I'm presuming you've never seen a camera flash as they're highly visible, especially at night. The likelihood of not noticing would be extremely slim IMO.
Unless it was SPECS of course...
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