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Full Version: Caught Speeding
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received a citation for doing 61MPH in a 40 zone.
Previous clean licence.

What punishment should I expect in regards to a fine and points?
Should I be worried about a ban at all?
QUOTE (Ouchies @ Mon, 1 Feb 2010 - 23:49) *
received a citation for doing 61MPH in a 40 zone.

A citation or a Notice of Intended Prosecution ?

Might be an idea if you complete the NIP Wizard and post its output back into this thread.
It's a citation.
Was caught at the roadside by 2 officers with a handheld; pulled over and cautioned at the time.

Citation gives me the option to plead guilty by letter, plead not guilty by letter or attend and plead guilty.
As I was actually doing it and caught red handed I am intending to plead guilty by letter. Just wondering what to expect in regards to punishment and whether I should consider a ban likely.

Also any ideas of mitigation or polite comments to put down to lower the punishment would be gratefully received.
This is for England and Wales, but the sentencing should be broadly the same:

It comes back as fine upto £1000, 4-6 points and consider ban 7-28 Days

Would people expect a ban to happen?

Also what should I write in the additional (mitigating) area bit (if anything) below where I admit it.
The Rookie
A ban is an option, but very unlikley, also the guidelines used apply for 20-30mph over the limit, so as you are only just over 20 over it will be towards the bottom end of the scale.

Your weekly salary would have to be quite high to come back with a £1K fine, for a first offence and an early guilty plea you would (under English guidelines) have a maximum fine of £500 anyway as its reduced to £750 for first offence and then by 1/3 for an early guilty plea (neither of which that wizard can accomodate).

When you say first offence does this discount any 3 points/£60 fine FPN's for example?
Yes first offence in that no previous 3 point FPN's.

I did get a non endorsable FPN several years ago for seat belt but it didnt carry any points. Would this count as a previous offence for this sort of purpose?

Need to fill it out tonight so any help gratefully received.

Should I fill in anything in the mitigation area ? (i.e state its a first offence and apologetic and ask that this be considered in relation to punishment).
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