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Full Version: Speeding in Company Pool Car
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Just been shown an NIP by my boss for one of the company pool cars. I had it signed out for the weekend so it's almost certain it was me driving it.

It was the (now infamous) mobile camera van sat near the Runcorn Bridge "A533 Queensway>Speke". 47 in a 40, must have been all of 20-30 metres before the 50. I can't be certain if I was or wasn't doing that speed. The van was facing the Bridge on the other side of the road so while I noticed it I didn't really pay it much attention. If it did "get me" it would have been at quite a range, heading away from them, over 3 lanes and a central reservation, towards the 50. I guess some judgement would have to be applied to work out how close I was to the 50mph signs. This is all guesswork of course.

The NIP is dated 25/01/10, offence occurred 09:46 on 10/01/10.

Just looking for a bit of advice. It's possible that another NIP went to the leasing company before my employer - that's being checked now - but if this does turn out to be the first NIP can I write back and say it was me driving but the time limit had expired? I read somewhere they get reasonable extra time to issue an NIP to me (personally) if I'm driving a company registered car, but does it still hold that they have to issue the first NIP to someone within 14 days?

If I can't get it dismissed, I figure I can reasonably ask for a photo to "confirm it was me" as it is a car that can be driven by over 50 people, but will this ultimately get me anywhere?

Finally, is it worth just taking it? Cheshire Police's website suggests for "46-49 in a 40" I will likely be offered the speed awareness course, which I would obviously take. Am I jeapoardising the liklihood of that by asking for it to be dismissed and/or asking for a copy of the photo?

I currently have 6 points:
TS10 in 2008 - I sneezed about 5 times in a row and went thru a red without seeing it - I guess I was lucky it was only just red and I didn't cause an accident but I felt harshly dealt with. I didn't appeal as I thought "it's just 3 points" and I'd carry on being careful in future.
SP30 in 2009 - My sister's partner cut his foreign holiday short to get back to Newcastle in time to see his sister who was dying in hospital. The only flight he could get was to Robin Hood landing in the wee small hours so I collected him and rushed him up there - he managed a few hours with her before she died. Officer was sympathetic but still did me for doing 94 in a 70.

What really bugs me is by virtue of these harsh decisions I could now be in danger of being 1 lapse away from losing my license by totting up. I usually drive so carefully - I do around 40-50k a year, for work, football and to visit a very distributed family, so obviously I don't want to lose my license, or get closer than the 6 points I have!

Any advice much appreciated.


Just had it confirmed - the leasing company got the first NIP within 5 days. Damn!
Do the NIP Wizard.

One of the questions will be - is it addressed to you personally ?

As you appear to understand, for the moment it's the responsibility of the company secretary or a director to reply with your details (as late as possible).

No reason that they can't ask for a photo to identify the location and driver of a company pool car.
First, the Company has to return its S172 request naming you as the driver. Ask if they'd very kindly send it back as close to the 28 day deadline as possible. There may not be much chance of a timeout, but every little helps.

Once you receive your own NIP/S172, post back in this thread, completing the NIP wizard and you can request advice from there.

I expect you will be offered a SAC, based on the details of alleged offence. You can accept, provided you haven't attended one in the last three years.

Thanks for your advice. I have actually been given the forms - something it says they mustn't do but I guess I can hang onto them for a bit now and pass them back in about 23 days...

What do I ask my boss to do then? Supply just my name but ask for a photo? Or supply a list of everyone who can drive the car and ask for a photo?...not sure how willing they'd be to do that although I can see how that would extend the delay.

So what happens if things are delayed/etc and it gets all the way to to 10/07/10, or say I plead NG & got a court appointment on or after this date? Does it then automatically get dropped?
Your boss must respond within 28 days or the company can be heavily fined.

If you return the form late to him he won't have time to ask for photos and can only supply your name.

Any request for photos must be made before he provides driver information.

They have until 1 July to lay a summons. You may not know about it until August.
When you pass back the forms, the Company official should simply complete your details and return the form within the twenty-eight days.

They could ask for photos, but the twenty-eight days is still ticking away and I'm sure your firm would be less than pleased with a S172 failure to furnish charge.

Once they return the form nominating you as the driver, you'll be sent your own NIP/S172 and you'll then have twenty-eight days. During that time you can ask for photos, which may show some irregularity that helps you form a defence, but ultimately, you'll have to identify yourself as the driver, or you'll leave yourself open to the S172 charge which carries 6 points.

The best outcome here is probably the offer of the SAC. Further info here;-

The information for a summons has to be laid before the six month deadline. The summons itself can follow some time after that. In England there is no obligation for you to be notified, or actually appear in court, before the six month deadline.
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