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Full Version: Red light flashed at roundabout nr M69 / M1 in Leicester
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Hi Folks,

Hope this is the right place to post this?
I was stop - starting today in Leicester during the rush hour, the usual thing.
I entered a large light controlled roundabout near to the M69 / M1 junction, whilst on a green light.
I had cossed the line and was at the back of a string of cars that then went stationary.
Then I started to move and the lights turned red.
I got flashed, presumably by red light cameras on the roundabout.
I was furious as I could do nothing about this, as the lights changed after I had crossed the line.
Do the police or whover is responsible for looking at the camera images take this kind of situation in to account?

I am obviously worried that I will recieve some penalty in the post.
How can I prove my case? It is unfair that they have a camera to prove theirs and I do not to prove mine.

On the other hand I may be worrying about nothing and this may be a common occurence that they ignore during
peak traffic times?

Appreciate any help or comments.

If all of vehicle had passed beyond the stop line before the lights changed to red, then no offence would have been committed by continuing across the junction.
The Rookie
I would add that the sensors for RTL camera's are usually buried just in advance of the stop line, so to trigger them the rear of the car would have to move forward across the line after they are activated after the light goes red.

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