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Full Version: Any advice appreciated
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Hi all,

Just before Christmas I got a letter from the DVLA demanding my licence to be sent in to be endorsed.

I called them to find that in May of 2009, I had been flashed by a speed camera.

They sent all of the documents to a previous address despite being fully updated as to my whereabouts (licence, insurance and V5).

I obviously hadn't recieved it, they apparently sent reminders followed by a summons for court.

I didn't show on the basis that I had none of the letters and no knowledge that any of this was taking place.

I then went to the Magistrates court who originally issued the conviction and filled out a "stautory decloration" form.

Well today a fortnight later I've had another letter from the DVLA demanding my licence back.

The conviction has now been upped to an MS90 (failing to identify a driver), 6 points and a £525.00 fine.

What can I do as I really do feel I am being royally shafted here.
Pete D
What is the Doc Ref date on page 2 of your V5C.

What was the original charge that has been upped to an MS90. It sounds as though the summons had missed your SD. Contact the Court again. Pete D
Sorry, new to all of this really, the V5C is presumably the log book, the original conviction was an SP30.

How do you mean the summons have missed the SD?

Sorry to sound stupid and naiive, the Stat dec was done in court, swearing on the bible and all that around a fortnight ago.

Is it that the DVLA have not been informed to stop chasing possibly?

Again thank you a hundred times for any advice.
If the DVLA have been giving out incorrect details about you to the police, this MS90 may be for an entirely different case.
Get back onto the DVLA to get the details of which court told them to pit the new MS90 points on.
Only the court which told the DVLA to put the pounts on, can tell the DVLA to remove them.
You'll need to get the convicting court (and to which you made the stat. dec.) to tell the DVLA to take the SP30 (and the MS90 if it refers to the same summons) points off.
ford poplar
We need some timescales here please

1. The logbook DocRef date - date they last changed your details, normally address
2. What is the address shown on your current licence current or previous?
3. When did you change address
4. When did you notify DVLA
5. When did you move from the (previous) address the DVLA gave to Police?
6. In May what was the speed alleged

How did Mags convict on SP30 and then add on a s172 failing to furnish,? Presumably for same offence in May 09.
Court docs, if sent snail mail in last 2 weeks, could have passed 2nd DVLA letter to you in the weather backlog. IMO contact the clerk of the court, request date stat dec sent to DVLA and prosecution details of the case (dates, speed alleged, location, charge(s) listed)
Contact DVLA to see if both their letters are related and how many requests have they had from any Police Force for you to which they may have supplied your previous address since you moved.
Main concern is more than one ticket has gone astray.
This is not going to go away without you getting involved
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