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Full Version: Parking signs in council car park?
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Hi guys

Today the council amended the charges for the car park we park in for work. Before today it was 2.10 for 3 hours for two weekdays when a market is on, and £4.00 for a full day on non-market days. Today we discovered the charges had changed to £1.40 for two hours. We did what we always do - went out after two hours and bought another ticket. However my friend has been given a ticket from a civil enforcement officer who told her it was because she has overstayed the maximum allowed period for the car park. The CEO also said that the sign says no return within one hour. I've checked the sign and it definitely doesn't say that. The bit about £4.00 to park all day has been removed from the new sign, but there is nothing to indicate you must leave the car park for an hour before you can buy another ticket. There is something vague on the sign about not extending the permitted time - I'll get the text in daylight as it won't photograph well in the dark.

I've been digging about to try to find legislation regarding signs for off street parking but can't find anything. Can anyone point me in the right direction? the pcn shows reason 80. I'll take a photo of the sign tomorrow and post it, but any advice in the meantime would be handy. I actually parked right next to her, but I didn't get a ticket.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered rolleyes.gif
Get some pics of the signs and photo/scan the pcn ,both sides, and put them on here for the big boys/girls to look at. How to post in the stickies. Remove personal details but leave dates.
Agree, get the pictures before they change them, post as requested, wash any personal details.
Thanks very much - I'll get the photos first thing in the morning and post straight away.
and get a copy of the Off-Street Parking Order that applies to that car park.
which council is it ?
there are no regs - they just need to b clear and reasonable and conform to the
parking order
Thanks very much, everyone. My friend has left the parking ticket at home, although I've taken pics of the signage and will post this evening.

QUOTE (bama @ Mon, 4 Jan 2010 - 20:33) *
and get a copy of the Off-Street Parking Order that applies to that car park.
which council is it ?

It's Stoke on Trent council. I'll obtain a copy of the order and post that too.

I've also found this on the website - it says that South Wolfe Street car park will have a maximum stay of 2 hours, but it definitely doesn't say it on the sign.
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