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Frequently Asked Questions

We have an FAQ section which may well contain the answer to your question. A couple of articles that are particularly relevant to this forum are:

Content of posts

We'd like to remind anyone posting here that the forum Terms of Use that you have agreed to specifically prohibit the use of defamatory or abusive content. It's perfectly possible to communicate your message without using terms such as "crook", "scam" and "illegal" when referring to individuals, organisations or their practices. You may intend them as just banter or mild abuse, but the subject of them may well misinterpret your meaning. If a moderator comes across such content in your posts then they will be deleted, and those who repeatedly post such material can expect further action to be taken, including a ban if considered necessary.
The new rules have been in place for some time now. Nevertheless, regular contributors are still insisting on breaching the rules. Up to now, I have simply edited the post and left it at that. That policy is now at an end. Breaches of the AUP are unacceptable and if posters wish to continue to transgress they will find their posting privileges, and even their membership of this site, removed.

I have better things to do with my time than play tidy-up and chicken with posters who should know better.
1. Please do not "bump" threads. It is considered bad manners.

2. I draw your attention to the provisions of the Legal Services Act 2007, especially in relation to "reserved legal activities". Please do not engaged in reserved legal activities on this site unless you are lawfully entitled to do so.

By way of advice only my view is:

(i) If you aren't charging for the reserved legal activity then you most likely are entitled to carry it on. This mirrors the old position under the Solicitors Act 1974.

(ii) If you are charging then my view is that you must not prepare any papers for any court (and, arguably, any tribunal, including PATAS) unless the right to do so existed immediately prior to the introduction of the 2007 Act. In my opinion this means that charging for preparing papers for PATAS is allowed, as there was no restriction on that prior to the introduction of the 2007 Act.

(iii) In my opinion, charging to prepare papers for issue in the county courts is now a reserved activity and is not allowed, subject to someone demonstrating sufficient evidence to the contrary.

(iv) Please do not refer any user of this site to anyone who is or appears to be acting in breach of the 2007 Act.
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