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Full Version: Got a Debt Collectors Notice from Park Direct at Ealing Broadway! Any Help?
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Hi. Ive read alot about Park Direct at Ealing Broadway but not seen anything as far along as mine. Most people have said that if they dont pay, then park direct leave them alone. I got a letter from the debt collection firm they use saying that if i dont pay within 14 days, they will go to court..

Anybody know if they will? What to do? Please help! Thanks
Ignore them. They will not take you to court.
Really? I was reading some of these other ones. I just want to make sure that they wont as I dont want to end up with court fines afterwards etc..

What I dont understand, is why they would pay a solicitor to send these letters out if they werent planning on following it up? I know its to scare people into paying but most logical people go on the internet and find sites like this which urge them not to pay.. So the scammers must be loosing out.

So I should just leave it be and ignore all correspondance?
Letter from a company claiming to be a debt collector is part of the routine.

Without a court judgement there is no debt to be collected and they are completely powerless.

As the possibility of court is very, very remote you are perfectly safe to file it away but otherwise ignore it.

They don't pay the debt collector or "solicitor". The collector is often at a desk in the same office and the "solicitor" only spends two minutes adding some details to a standard letter. They will be a paid a commission if the victim pays up.

If you ever receive a letter from the solicitor you will find that he doesn't even use his real name. It will have in small print a note along the lines of "Michael Sobell in the trading style of Graham White"

All nothing but bluff.
Hi vedb, what was the outcome? Did you pay or hear anything after your letter from the 'collection agency'?
By the way, I was so incensed by this particular scam and the fact that it targets so many people, that I tried to get all the information about it in one place to help new victims. So if you are still unsure about how to deal with Park Direct Ltd or have made any progress with them, then it might be worth looking at this blog:
QUOTE (Jebps @ Fri, 26 Mar 2010 - 12:46) *
it might be worth looking at this blog:

This has now been moved to due to server issues but the site remains the same as a help for anyone dealing with this company at ealing broadway station
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