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Full Version: NtO recieved, but no PCN
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Hi all.

I recieved an NtO from the local council through the post last Thursday stating a parking offence for the 9/10/09, but recieved no PCN on the car to advise of this. As it seems is usual, I am being told that I have to pay the full amount, as I did not pay within the 14 day discounted period, which is set at £70. The NtO also states that I parked in an area where I am confident I have not parked before on a weekday, or the road name listed is incorrect for the area where the fine was issued. No photographic proof has been provided with the NtO, and the expiry date of my tax disc has not been noted.

The details are as follows:

Date of this Notice and date of posting: 12/11/2009


Date of Contravention: 09/10/2009

I have found the following thread offering some advice on this offence:

I plan to write and ask for photographic evidence of the PCN on the car and of the car committing the offence, and of any signage advising of the parking restrictions. Is there anything else that should be asked or mentioned?

I have the option to contact them via email, letter or Fax. I was going to email as it is quicker, but is there any preffered method?

Many thanks,

Can anyone offer any further advice before I write to them?

Yes. Keep it simple for now. Let's just find out whether a ticket was actually served. We can worry about more complex points for your adjudication appeal once they have proved service.

Use something like this if you like:

I am in receipt of an NTO which relates to PCN no. xxxxxxxxx.
To my knowledge, this PCN was never served on my vehicle or to any driver of my vehicle. I am sure your records will confirm this.
Should you wish to continue enforcement of the PCN, please treat this as a formal request for the following evidence:
-A copy of the original PCN
-Photos showing the PCN attached to my vehicle
-A copy of the CEO's notes.

As you will be aware, if a CEO is unable to serve a PCN by hand, he is required to serve one by post.
If the PCN is not cancelled, I will have no hesitation in taking my appeal to the independent adjudicator, where the requested evidence will have to be produced.

Thank you very much. Is contact via letter the preffered option, or would an email be ok?
I think email is OK, but CC it to a professional friend, and if you don't get a receipt, chase it up.

Whatever you do, don't let your appeal time run out without some confirmation that they have recieved a formal appeal.
One last question before I contact them. I am not the registered owner of this car, my girlfriend is. As the PCN was addressed to her, it would have to be her, or appear to be her, that contacts them correct?
Well, she could give someone leave to appeal on her behalf, but it will be a lot simpler (and less likely to get messed up) if you just contact them using her name.

I would like to thank you very much. I recieved a letter back advising that they had reviewed the evidence and had decided that the car was not offending. A simple email saved £70.


Dodgy CEO, then?
that or they are dropping contested dropped footway tickets due to the Anorak Argument
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