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Hiya ,

I was wondering if someone could help me

i was driving on queens road in birmingham when i approached the lights ,got close when they started changing to amber so i tried to brake but i wasnt able to stop and went out just as it went red .

what i want to know is there wasnt any red light camera or police but there is cctv can that be used to send me £60 and 3 points??

thanks in advance MS
CCTV is not type approved for red light offences, so you should be OK.
hopefully that makes me much happier :)thanks BaggieBoy

but im sure i seen somewhere in london they do cctv fines and stuff , im not sure if someone from birmingham knows if cctv enforcement exists here also?
They use CCTV to enforce box junctions, bus lanes and restricted turns, never heard of it being used for red lights.
i knew it happened in london but havent heard of it happening elsewhere , wouldnt i get a PCN instead of NIP if i was caught by cctv
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