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Full Version: courts decision
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Good evening all
I was caught doing 56 in a 30 in September, i pleaded guilty by post the case was on the 4th of November.
On friday the 6th i recieved an envelope addressed to me containing only my driving licence with nothing added.
Today monday the 9th i recieved a fine of £100 + £15 costs +£35 costs.
I presume this means that the court are considering a ban.
My question is what length of ban will i be looking at i have 2 sp30's on my licence one fixed penalty 3 points 28 06 2006 (wont count for totting up) sp30 fixed penalty 3 points 11 08 2009 the last one is the worry as its so close in time scale.
Any response appreciated. Thanks (sorry not equipment cost, just how it was written)
Something's not right here (IMHO).
If they've sent you a collection order for the fine, presumably they must have sentenced you already?

£15 "equipment costs" Whats that ? I thought the £15 was the victim tax ?
It is.
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