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Full Version: pulled by an officer and need some advice...please elp!
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well, early saturday morning i was pulled over by the police (not traffic just normal unit) and was then informed i had been speeding. i was sat in the officers car and he then said he had a calibrated speedo, had followed me for 0.3 miles and then said my speed was 38mph. at the time, my speedo said i was 34-35mph and using gps that is a real speed of 31-32mph. at the time, having never been pulled over before, i took what he said as gospel, and accepted his version.

i was offered a FPN of £60 and 3 points which i took and now have 2 slips, one of which with my signature on, neither of which do i know what to do with as it wasnt explained to me and ive never been in this situation. if it makes any difference, i was cautioned and the officer had a look at my licence but didnt retain it.

i have 2 questions really, is there any appeal procedure(without deciding to take the matter to court as i would loose) or if i pay, what do i do with the slips and where do i go from here?

if you need any more info please just ask and ill gratefully take any advice you can give.
What do the slips (which you can see and we can't) say you should do with the slips?

If the occifer did not retain your licence, he should not have issued a Fixed Penalty Notice, and if you produced your licence (and counterpart if photocard licence), he should not have issued an s. 54(4) notice (surrender your licence within 7 days at a police station to be issued an FPN), so guessing which 2 slips you have been given would seem particular;y tricky without further clues (such as what the slips say).
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