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Full Version: Speeding and Harbour Police
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I was stopped by the Harbour Police back in August for 51mph in a 30mph zone and just received a summons for Magistrates court in January. ohmy.gif

This is the first correspondence I have had from them and my DOB is wrong on the paperwork.

I believe strongly that the speed recorded was wrong as I was stopped in close proximity to the exit of a roundabout that I had stopped dead at to give way to other traffic.

According to the statement I was caught using a Muni Quip K-GP radar speed meter and have heard from another source that this devise should not be used in Port areas due to possible interference other radar devices used by ships in the port area.

Can anyone tell me if I should have got a NIP or any other paperwork from the officer that stopped me? I got nothing at all.

Also what sort of fine could I expect and finally would it be worth it and try to fight this on the issue with this type of radar gun being used in a port area? dry.gif

Thanks in advance,

which harbour was it?
QUOTE (oldstoat @ Mon, 9 Nov 2009 - 09:44) *
which harbour was it?

I thought that K, Ku and Ka radar bands were subject to interference from rain and such and so not used in marine surface search applications as a result?
Correct - a radar speed detection device should not be used in the vicinity of other radar transmitters as it cannot differentiate between a return signal from it and scatter from another device operating on the same frequency
captain swoop
I wouldn't think an K band recceiver would be effected by a Ships radar. K bands are used for traffic and airport ground control

Ships used X Band which is a longer wavelength.
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