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Full Version: [NIP Wizard] Caught Speeding in HGV
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NIP Details and Circumstances
What is the name of the Constabulary? -
Date of the offence: - October 2009
Date of the NIP: - 9 days after the offence
Date you received the NIP: - 10 days after the offence
Location of offence (exact location as it appears on the NIP: important): - A446 Litchfield Rd, opp Belfry
Was the NIP addressed to you? - No
Was the NIP sent by first class post, second class or recorded delivery? - Not known
If your are not the Registered Keeper, what is your relationship to the vehicle? - No its a Class 1 HGV Works Vehicle
How many current points do you have? - 0
Provide a description of events (if you know what happened) telling us as much about the incident as possible - some things that may seem trivial to you may be important, so don't leave anything out. Please do not post personal details for obvious reasons - Travel the Road everyday its a 50mph limit but as i was in a HGV so the legal limit is 40mph as it is a single carridgeway for my class of vehicle. I just totally forgot about the camera and went through alledgedly 48mph the NIP states that the Speed Limit is 50mph. Time was 8pm and road was dry and clear, Camera is a rear facing GATSO. The NIP is addressed to my part time employer but he just passed the whole thing on to me to fill out even though it says on the NIP "DO NOT PASS ON TO DRIVER" do i give it back to him or just keep it and do nothing with it and let him get the blame for not filling it in? Its only a part-time and only drive for them ocassionally job so not bothered about if they dont want me back.

NIP Wizard Responses
These were the responses used by the Wizard to arrive at its recommendation:
Have you received a NIP? - Yes
Are you the Registered Keeper of the vehicle concerned (is your name and address on the V5/V5C)? - No
Is the NIP addressed to you personally? - No

NIP Wizard Recommendation
Based on these responses the Wizard suggested that this course of action should be considered:
  • Do nothing!

    The police are not requesting the information from you, they are requesting it from the person the NIP is addressed to.
    Wait until you receive a NIP addressed to you personally, then come back here.

Generated by the PePiPoo NIP Wizard v3.3.2: Sat, 07 Nov 2009 01:59:25 +0000
between you and your angel, but be aware they may send him a reminder after the 28 days have gone so he might still be able to name you and youve ****** him off as well

you should not fill it in your self, what you do about it is up to you
the choice of what to do is yours. Under no circumstances should you ill in this NIP as it is not addressed to you. If your erstwhile employer receives reminders etc and asks why you have not done anything then you can either tell him its his resposibility to fill in the NIP and then name you or you can keep schtum.

How much do you want to keep working for them?
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