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Any ideas here, as I think my solicitor has let me down big time.

I guy on a mountain bike shot past the front of my car as I was pulling out, turning right from a crossroad junction, and I nearly knocked him down. He caused me to brake to avoid running him over and other cars came to a stop either side of me as I was halfway across the road. This guy on the bike went straight over on to the pavement and rode like mad. I got myself together and instead of continuing turning right went straight ahead to explain to this dick that he'd nearly just been run over and caused a RTA to boot. I drove along side him but with his headphones in he didn't take a blind bit of notice. I accelerated to get well in front of him and drove one wheel (left) onto the pathway/pavement as if going into someones drive. He had loads of space to get past and I was nowhere near him. Just as I was about to get out and give him a piece of my mind he skidded to a halt, took his earphones out and accused me of trying to kill him. At this time I realised that the bloke on the bike was a young lad, 18yrs old, who my dog had had a fight with his dog a year or so before. This little turd has been giving my family hell since then. As soon as I realised it was him I reversed and left the scene knowing this lad was trying to goad me or wind me up or just generally going to be more trouble. I never said anything, got out, touched him etc. I was going to go to the police and make a complaint but I'm not that petty. Anyhow, this turd does go to the police and now I'm getting done for dangerous driving.

Anyhow, my solicitor said "we'll get a large map and some photos" etc etc, to show the crown court (yes, CROWN court, as he thought there was a better chance of acquittal.) and a good barrister etc. Well, I'm in court on thursday and theres no photos or map and I'm only going to be seeing my barrister on wedensday night, hours before I due in court.

Any ideas ?
there a lot of story missing

172 request
visit from police

what your solicitor said about pictures
sorry, not with you.

police called round a few hours later and arrested the wife and myself. wifes charge of "threat to kill" was dropped. but interviewed and charged me with dangerous driving.

whats a 172 ?

whats your question ?

if you told the police what youve told us

then things dont look good

whats your solicitor saying about your defence

why not ? I haven't hit him, not run him over or anything. this blokes been breaking the law riding on the pavement. the problem with the solicitor is he isn't saying much at all, but how in the hell can I be charged with dangerous driving ? if anyone should be charged it should be the bike rider.
DD is driving well below the standard expected

mounting the pavement to stop his progress , will take some explaining away

(which is what im referring to), if thats what youve told police you did ???

i take it your wife was in the car ??

has he any witnesses ??
just one witness, a guy parked in a car ahead of where I stopped. he says in his statement he saw the cyclist riding like fury along the pavement on his way past, then a few minutes later looked up to see what was going on, with the cyclist on his way back.

my main points of concern are, 1. the blokes trying to wind me up and braeking the law himself in the process. and 2. Even the coppers said "I bet if he'd just robbed an old lady and you did that to stop him, you wouldn't be getting charged". I just want to tell him he nearly caused an accident and to be more careful. there was room for him to pass me, which he actually did.
You say he has broke law riding the pavement (no doubt he will say he did it to get away from you) but it really is you who looks the more serious (alleged) offender. You were in a car and mounted the pavement. If I were you I'd get down to your solicitors office and find out whats happening for sure.

well if there no witness to the events ???

then all they seem to have is your testimony to use against you

did the copper say that during interview ?? and you agreed you drove up the pavement to stop him ???
no, it was a different copper and it was said in chit chat.

but I didn't pull up onto the pavement to stop him getting past, just to pull over and get out of the road. if I hadn't had recognised him I'd have got out my car and give him a mouthful. as I did the little turd just wants to cause shyte. but I did tell the truth and say I had one wheel on the pavement which the independent (we think otherwise) agrees with.
You don't drive up on the kerb if you're just pulling over. Your story sounds like you were basically chasing the guy down, mounting the kerb to impede his progress to force him to stop. The comments about him wearing headphones etc just reinforce that. Whilst I don't think anyone is saying that you intended to run him over you are ultimately the one in the 1.5 tonne car "using it offensively".

Don't really know what to say about the whole interview thing as it's done and dusted now, but your account doesn't really make it sound good. Using your car offensively in the manner you describe will always be perceived as someone driving well below the standard expected of a road user - which, unfortunately, is pretty much the textbook definition of "dangerous driving".
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