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Full Version: 61 in a 50
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Joe R
Hello Experts,

A friend of mine had a NIP for speeding. She named another friend which she thought was the driver at the time and since sending off the form, she realised she made an error as it was HER that was driving and NOT her friend. The photograph on the NIP apparently didn't show the driver but just the number plate.

Question is: Can this be rectified?

For the record, she was zapped doing 61mph in a 50mph by Average speed cameras.

I'm guessing my friend possibly owes her other friend an apology, £60 and 3pts!

Thanks in advance for your help

You'd need to clarify where this all is in the chain. In addition, really it should be your friend posting here, as Chinese whispers tends to cause exasperation.

The normal chain of events here would be:

NIP/S172 to your friend as RK -> your friend names other friend on S172 -> NIP/S172 to other friend.

You say your friend owes the other 3 points...has the other friend ID'd themselves as the driver and accepted a CoFP already?

If someone's already been issued three points, then it's too late now. If the other friend has mistakenly ID'd themselves as the driver, then it might not be too late but it'll be messy.

If the other friend has not yet (mistakenly) ID'd themselves, then I suggest that they should reply to their own S172 explaining the situation and naming your friend, and in the meantime your friend should also best contact them explaining the mistake and confirming themselves as the driver.

It's not an offence to make a mistake (though it's an offence to knowingly name the wrong person).
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