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I had a hire car from Germany last April/May which I then drove in the Netherlands. In August I received invoices from the car hire company for providing the Dutch authorities with my details. The car hire company kindly said they would wait 3 months to ensure there were no further requests from the Dutch authorities so that all amounts could be taken from my account in one go, thus reducing bank charges per transaction. They also informed me that the Dutch authorities had 3 months time from the date of offence to contact the car hire company to request my details. This was all fine and paid. However... I have just received 2 (to date) more letters from the car hire company asking for money for supplying my details to the Dutch for traffic offenses that occured in May 2009 (over 5 months ago). Can the Dutch authorities and the cr hire company still ask me for money after so long? I believe that in the UK they have a 2 week deadline in which the driver must be contacted, howerver as I now live in Germany and the offences occured in Holland i'm not sure what the rules are. I still hold my UK drivers license.

Can anybody offer any advice please?

Best wishes,

sounds like a scam to me
Your rental agreement will have given the hire permission to charge you for any fines/costs that happen during or as a result of your rental period.
However, as with any invoice you do have the right to ask for evidence of what they billed for - e.g. if they have billed twice for providing details then they should be able to provide you with evidence that they were asked twice and haven't just doublecharged.
Simple speeding penalties, parking tickets etc are not normally transferrable as yet between EU countries but there is a firm that specialises in making money out of suggesting they may be called They send out rather convincing looking notices and then send further notices apparently increasing the penalty if the driver doesn't pay up. If of course you do something serious like injuring someone with a motor vehicle this can be pursued cross border and is quite probably extraditable too.

Of course the EU is working on making these minor traffic offences transferable EU wide (along with inflicting Tony Blair on us as EU President) and they might be transferable already within Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg who have extra agreements between them on many things) but I doubt they are between Holland and Germany. If you had committed a traffic offence in a rental car in the same country you hired it in then you would of course be liable to pay any penalties.

EPC's trick is to try to pretend there is a civil debt they can pursue cross border using some obscure EU treaty. In practice they can't unless things have changed recently. The problem is if the hire car company will probably give in for the sake of an easy life and your contract with it probably says that they can charge you for the money paid to the Dutch authorities...........
I am Weasel
Sounds a bit dodgy to me. A few years ago I was flashed in a Hertz hire-car by a GATSO near Schipol airport (bloody stupid coz I knew it was there). The first I knew was when official court documents arrived at my home address (Hertz had passed on the details) offering me a fine of about €50-60. So I'm surprised that the hire company is asking for money for providing details. I would wait until you get correspondence from the Dutch authorities.
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