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Full Version: 37 in 30 zone. registered owner working abroad
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I have been clocked by a fixed camera doing 37mph in a 30zone.

Given the circumstances I feel quite hard done by but I dont know if I have a leg to stand on but here goes.

The time of day was 0700 on a sunday morning. The road was completely empty and I was driving in an unfamiliar city (Manchester). At the time, I was a little lost and concentrating more on road signs and getting on the motorway than anything else.

Another issue I have is that the registered owner of the vehicle is working abroad thus cannot complete the form.

Before I do anything, e.g. fill it in myself, ring the police for advice etc. I would like opinions from yourselves.

My history of driving is quite bad. Totaling 13points in all with 7 currently standing, all for minor speeding offences such as 80mph in a 70zone. 1mph away from no points :-( i consider myself rather unlucky in this respect.

Any advice on the offence itself and even advice on what it means for me having 10points on my license (insurance and getting a ban etc) is greatly appreciated.

You could fill out his NIP as his agent.
How long will the Registered Keeper (there is no such thing as a registered owner) be overseas for?
the next 5 years.

if i was to appeal this in any way then what could the repercussions be?? If i have any chance of not getting points then im willing to try.
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