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Hi Im new to the forum but have a specific question. My sister received her NIP as she was speeding on 18th july 09, she sent it back with her details as her husband is the registered keeper of the car,on the 4th aug she received a letter asking if she wanted to do speed awarness course but was on holiday and didnt return until 20th aug, she phoned and asked if she could do course but as 14days had elapsed she was unable to do it. That is all she has received,she hasnt had a conditional offer made to her yet. She was worried that she may have been prosecuted so phoned SAC yesterday and they thought that she had paid fine so she went to police and they thought she had done course!! So after 13weeks she is now going to receive conditional offer and will have to take points and fine, Is this correct? Can they do this after such a long time? She is now kicking herself for being so honest, if she had not phoned she wouldn,t be asking these questions!!! Sorry its so long,hope you can help
Is there any reason why your sister can't post here herself?

What has she received that was addressed to her?

They have 6 months from the date of the alleged offence to lay an information (apply for a summons). A COFP is 'live' for 28 days from date of issue, and an information cannot be laid during this time. So, if a COFP was issued less than 28 days before the 6 months were up, they'd be too late to prosecute if she ignored it. However. she is a long way off that, so they still have plenty of time to issue a COFP.

Other than the 6 months timeout, there is no time limit on issuing a COFP.
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