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Full Version: Nabbed @ 36 in a 30 what next?
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Dave B
Okey Dokey folks, first of all hello everyone and what a find this site is!
It should be on Watchdog, everyone should have access to it.
Right I've been snapped at 36 in a 30 and have received an NIP. I've heard about PACE and the defence it offers, without going through hundreds of posts, can anyone tell me by the numbers how I go about getting off this fine + ponts lark. Any copies of PACE letters sent and successful would be great.
IF I get off this then the £60 will be going to this very 'charity'.

Have you read the "Read This First" sticky at the top of the forum?
Dave B
Yes Andy, I've read it but dont want to make any errors re. the PACE business and want to get an idea from other members of what they've done and gone through. If this defense can be perfected, then guys like me who arent that good at the technicalities may have a better chance.

If you have decided that you want to send the PACE witness statement, then this post is pretty much as "paint by numbers" as you can get.
So far, to the best of my knowledge, no-one who has returned such a letter has been convicted of speeding, or failing to furnish the driver's details. There is no guarantee however, that the matter will be dropped, or that you would win (especially in a magistrates' court) if summonsed.

If you want to see how other people have got on with the PACE statement, then take a look at the success stories post, and also browse the forums where there are many currently in progress.
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