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Full Version: Failing to Comply with a Red Traffic Light Signal
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I've received a Notice of Intended Procecution for 'Failing to comply with a red traffic light signal'. Thing is I genuinely cannot remember doing it - furthermore, I would ncer have jumped a red light, and it would have been amber turning red when I went through it. Furthermore, as this is a busy jumction if I would have braked suddenly the car behind me (this is a very busy junction) would have either went into the back of me or I would have came to a stop in the middle of a yellow box junction blocking the traffic wishing to travel from east to west, which is in itself a criminal offence!

What should I do? I haven't sent the Section 1 (warning form) away yet.

And I don't want this matter going to court, so either I send in a letter of defence in mitiagation to the procuarator fiscal or accept the fixed penalty (sometimes its better accepting this as the lawyers fee could cost more!)
This should really be in the criminal section...

How was the offence detected? By camera or by a witness?

You could fill out the s. 172 form with all of your details but not sign it.

Do the NIP Wizard.
Unsigned works well in Scotland.

Do you live in Scotland?
If you can't remember it, how can you be sure it was amber and you couldn't have stopped safely etc?
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