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Full Version: Spelling on location on both NIP and documentary evidence.
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Hi there, great website...

I am going to court after pleading not guilty doing 36mph in a 30mph! Besides the fact that I cannot admit speeding at 36mph, it just happen that they mispell the location on both the original NIP and the documentary evidence that I received later.  Basically they wrote Woburn Green, A4094 when it should be Wooburn Green A4094 (with 2 "o")
What do you all think?  I was planning to tell them that there isn't such a road in that village.  Worth a try!
Hi Helios

As a quick starter there is a process in court called 'the slip rule' which allows amendment of minor faults in paperwork.  Suggest you do a search on this site (it is often mentioned) and have a good read.  Having done that I suggest if you haven't found enough information repost on 'The Judicial Process' where you will get a better reading and more answers.  If you do 'repost' you will need to give fuller details in order that any larger discrepancies can be recognised.

Thanks Blackbird, the question now is to whether or not that spelling mistake could be corrected under the slip rule.  My views are since there is a Woburn town in Beds and Wooburn in Bucks, the NIP is therefore invalid.  I will let you on the 10 March when I am going to court!
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