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Full Version: Do they have a case or not...
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I'm sitting here worried, as I haven't heard anything from when I was stopped about 5 weeks ago.
Short version:
I was stopped on the A1 (nice 4 lane stretch, fairly quiet, but hey-ho)...
There was one officer. I didn't see any video equipment in the car (although I could be wrong... I assume it would be obvious though) and I wasn't offered to view any. (Stupidly, I didn't ask to see it). He basically "did" me, based on the evidence of his calibrated speedometer. Also, the Producer I got for my insurance and MOT gave a speed range (104-110) rather than a single speed...
I see from the website they actually have up to 6 months to prosecute me, but I wondered what the normal timescale is, and from what I've said, how solid their case would be?
Hi jmb,

Can you post up a little more details about the event, so the 'learned ones' can give you a better reply.

e.g. your post implies a single officer - is this correct? describe the events as best as you can (so they can put themselves in your shoes), what you / he / they said, did you get a caution? did you get a NIP etc.

FYI: approx. 2 and half months for summons to get to me from when I was stopped.
Sure, although my memory is embarassingly hopeless... but basically I was going north up the A1 and as the road was quiet and its nice and wide (we all know the excuses so I wont bother) I was travelling at a bit over 100mph.
I did notice a car following me a fair distance behind - it was far enough away that when I looked in my mirror it didn't look like a patrol car. A couple of miles later I looked again and he was still quite a way back, then the next time I looked, he was closer and I could see the lights atop it etc. (although not flashing). Of course, I immediately braked at which point he put on the flashy lights and we stopped on the hard shoulder.
There was one officer, as I got in the car (front) he asked if I knew why I had been stopped, to which I answered 'probably my speed'. He explained he had followed me and seen speeds on his calibrated speedometer of between 104 and 110mph. He asked why I was going so quick, but of course there was no real reason so I simply said I just wanted to get to work asap, and the road seemed clear enough, but thats not really much of an excuse.
He gave me a producer to take my insurance and MOT to my nominated station, and on this he wrote the same range of speeds.
I was never offered to view a video recording although having said that, I didn't ask either, so I am unsure if they have that as evidence!
I took my documents in about 4 days later, and since then I have heard nothing.
Unfortunately I cannot recall all the precise details of the conversation, but the above is the basics of what happened.

Edit - as for whether I got a caution etc - I recall him giving me the "you do not have to say anything..." line, so I am guessing this counts as a verbal nip from the site?
verbal NIP yes - 6 months to lay papers I believe.
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