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My wife has just received a summons for a speeding offence committed several months ago in North Wales.

It was in my company vehicle of which she is authorised to drive. We were driving at approx 72 mph in 50 mph zone. We were stopped and my wife got in the police car whilst checks were done.

The police office questioned ownership of the car and she confirmed it was a company vehicle. At first it was questioned about the insurance information and the PC ticked "not seen" on the form but when I got out of the car I said we had that and the PC marked on the speeding ticket that only driving license was required to be surrendered which we duly did the following morning.

I paid the fine and since then we've had the driving license returned including endorsement.

However, the summons if for not providing insurance details.

It would appear that the PC has not signed the white copy - only the yellow copy which he has altered detailing his initials and circling "ONLY LICENSE TO BE SURRENDERED".

Now, my wife is extremely upset, thinks she is going to prison for an offence that has not been committed.

My wife spoke to the magistrates court detailing what happened and has sent a copy of the ticket to them. However, my wife is concerned that they will not accept that even though I've assured her that no way that we would alter a police document.

I would appreciate it if anyone could offer any help on how to deal with this.
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First of all reassure your wife that she is not going to prison.

You should write direct the Crown Prosecution Service office dealing with the case (this will be detailed in the summons bundle you have received) quoting the case reference. Set out the facts of the case emphasising that your wife produced the insurance at the time and detail how this was done. Make it clear that the officer changed the copy of the EFPN he handed to your wife for the production of her licence only and that he initialled this. Enclose a copy of that form. State that whilst your wife is prepared to attend court, she will plead "Not Guilty", and will give evidence on oath of her production of the insurance at the time of the excess speed offence and will produce the initialled copy of the EFPN in support of her direct evidence, that this would be a waste of public funds and that they may wish to apply to withdraw the summons before incurring further expense. Send this letter by Special Delivery and send a copy by the same method to the court with a covering letter.

Make sure that you take good quality copies of all documents and the letters sent.

Let us know how things proceed.
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