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Full Version: Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd faces an Asbo for preying on tourists
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Firm faces an Asbo for preying on tourists what the new law should say.

A private wheel-clamping firm faces becoming the first in Britain to be given an Asbo banning it from operating in towns where its staff are accused of 'extortion' against motorists.
Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd has become notorious for its predatory and merciless approach and for breaches of industry rules.
But Windsor and Maidenhead Council in Berkshire is determined to call a halt to its cash-grabbing tactics because it is giving the area a bad name with tourists.
This month it will debate whether the firm can be barred from the towns by serving it with an antisocial behaviour order - a measure originally designed to crack down on thugs and hooligans.
For years PCM, which patrols a number of private car parks, has been accused of using deception to trap hundreds of tourists and other hapless motorists. The company does not publish accounts but is thought to rake in hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.
Town hall sources told the Mail how PCM's staff stalk the Windsor Castle car park where tourists 'unwittingly overstay because signs are hard to understand or because zealous operatives clamp their vehicles if they are literally seconds over their allotted time'.
'We regard what this firm is doing as legalised extortion,' said Colin Rayner, lead member for highways and streetcare with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council.
'We are now of the belief that private clamping should be banned outright. The firm is giving Windsor and surrounding areas a bad name and we are hoping to put a stop to it.'

PCM is headed by managing director Ian Cordingley, 45, from Uxbridge, West London.
Town hall officials have said they also want to target David Blake, a business consultant who works for the firm and represents it on the industry body the British Parking Association, sitting on the board which oversees industry standards.
In January 73-year-old Mavis Maynard and her 77-year-old husband Brian fell foul of PCM when they parked outside a boarded-up office in Maidenhead for 23 minutes to visit the library.
They returned to find their car had been towed away by PCM and they faced demands for a staggering £375 - made up of a £200 removal fee, £130 to release the car, £40 for 'storage' and a £5 credit-card fee.
Mrs Maynard had three appeals to the BPA thrown out before the AA became involved in her case. Two months ago her £375 was finally returned, with a curt note from David Blake apologising for 'any inconvenience'.
She described the firm as the ' unacceptable face of clamping'.
Contacted by the Mail yesterday Mr Blake, who lives with his wife Carole in a £380,000 home in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, would not comment on the allegations against the firm, or the threat of an Asbo
hahahahahahahaha, laugh my ass off.
Note that PCM's website is currently "under construction".

I wonder if it contained something they didn't want using against them in the ABSO or court cases.
well if they think that will stop people digging it out they are sadly mistaken.
just a few seconds reveals lots of stuff

just some of that easily found stuff includes stuff like this

"All Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. business is conducted under a contractual agreement signed off by the client and ourselves.

Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. operatives are all trained in conjunction with the approved SIA (Securities Industry Authority) recommendations.

We operate to the guidelines and code of conduct as recommended by the BPA (British Parking Association)


ir "‘ We are committed to providing a caring, hassle free solution for all of our clients parking needs.’"

"Why Immobilise?

This is a good point regularly surfaced by new and existing customers. The rationale for wheel clamping as opposed to ticketing is one borne out of experience by both Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. and its clients. A ticketing strategy whilst accommodating a softer approach does not act as any kind of deterrent. The reasons for this are:
Most people consider the chances of getting a £40 ticket as a gamble worth taking.
Only 1 out of 4 actually pays for their tickets.
3 out of 4 people realise it is a civil offence which costs more in court recovery and therefore hardly likely to be pursued.
The system relies on a moral code of conduct scarcely inherent in those abusing private parking facilities.

Immobilisation is graphic immediate and clearly advertises to other users the consequences of parking illegally or inconsiderately on the site in the future.
The inconvenience factor to the offender is a great deterrent, coupled with the immediate requirement for payment. This drives home the consequences of parking outside of the accepted norms. Immobilisation also underlines the importance of health and safety and the duty of care of the site landlord; thus raising public awareness of the need for responsible parking.

In terms of potential emotional conflict at the point of immobilisation, our company policy is, wherever possible to provide male and female teams; thus significantly reducing the stress levels usually associated with all male teams. Members of the public tend to find our female operatives less intimidating.

Disabled parking issues in particular attract excellent positive publicity, Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. currently manage two major retail sites, where immobilisation is the penalty for the abuse of disabled parking bays. This has resulted in extremely good publicity for the sites and the landlords, especially from prominent personalities such as Tanni Grey Thompson - the famous wheel chair athlete. This article may go long way to allaying your fears.

We hope this section has been helpful in terms of your ultimate decision making. We would also be more than happy to meet with your organisation to answer any of your queries and further endorse this approach. Do not hesitate to contact Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd should you require any further information."

The current Legislation governing PCN is fragmented and confusing; there is
no existing standard principle or policy.
With the introduction of the Security Industries act in 2005, vehicle
immobilisation organisations have very clear, requirements. There are
consistent principles and the industry is governed by clear and transparent

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will the service cost me?
A: The service for wheel clamping is Free of Charge to all of our clients other services that may be required are negotiable at very competitive rates.

Q: Do you operate under a contract ?
A: Emphatically yes Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. do not operate anywhere or for anyone without an agreed and signed operational contract.

Q: Am I covered for Public and Personal Liabilities ?
A: Yes Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. carry Public and Personal liabilities cover on your behalf of £10 and £5 million respectively.

Q: Are you fully licensed and trained ?
A: Yes all of our operatives have undergone extensive in house training in conjunction with the training and subsequent licensing of each individual with the SIA. We welcome any audit or query you wish to make regarding this issue

Q: Do I need to inform the Police ?
A: Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. automatically inform the police of their activities and their proposed start date for any new client site we provide a service for.

Q: Will someone assess my requirements ?
A: Yes our Operations Director will conduct an initial meeting and site survey to discuss all your requirements and present the Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. philosophy.

Q: I there an Appeals and Complaints procedure ?
A; Yes we have an appeals and complaints department specifically dedicated to resolving any queries regarding the ethical treatment of the members of the public and the professional conduct of our personnel in the field.

Q: Do you have a manned Headquarters ?
A: Yes we have a dedicated staff at our headquarters dealing on a daily basis with the members of the public, our operatives and the client company

Q: Can you provide me with quality references ?
A: Yes we are proud of our great track record in the industry for courtesy, understanding and professionalism. We can provide references from current operations as and when required.

Q: Do you operate to approved guidelines and directives ?
A: Yes all of our operatives are trained and licensed in accordance with the government backed SIA licensing scheme. We have adopted and stringently adhere to the BPA approved Code of Conduct. We provide an Appeals and Complaints procedure for all our clients and members of the public. Our operations teams are mixed sex in line with our equal opportunities employment philosophy. We are members of the Safe Contractor Health and Safety scheme ."

or their use of these logos ?

or their staff picture

if anyone wants their 2007 accounts send me a PM
And i've got 2008 accounts.

Interestingly, they (he) appear to be in a Voluntary arrangement. Very convenient and coincidental.
Do tell, then - how much do they scam people for each year?
QUOTE (Atilla @ Mon, 14 Sep 2009 - 21:04) *
And i've got 2008 accounts.

Interestingly, they (he) appear to be in a Voluntary arrangement. Very convenient and coincidental.

same in '07

QUOTE (srg @ Mon, 14 Sep 2009 - 21:13) *
Do tell, then - how much do they scam people for each year?

you think they put all their cash payments through the books ? ?
I think the VA was for about 130k if i remember. I personally, have documents where they have provided documentation to the Court as evidence, where the dates of photographs have been changed to be on the same date but which were clearly taken in different seasons and to top it all, on documents that were sworn for truth, these clowns stated categorically that at no time did I ever have signs in my vehicle objecting to any clamping or trespass to my vehicle, in the same bundle they provided me with a photgraph of my vehicle with the Warning sign. They aint that bright I can tell you. I'llalso post (if I can), the recording of the threats that Cordingley made against me when I went out of my way to take one of his clamps back to his yard.
google cache is always useful !
so is the archive
How can a company that ought to have little in the way of expenses and mega income be in a CVA? An IVA is for individuals, a CVA for companies.
One possibility (and I'm not suggesting PCM have done it) is to spend the money on directors' loans, company cars etc...
accounts I have seen for PPCs do show that behaviour.
QUOTE (srg @ Mon, 14 Sep 2009 - 18:55) *
Note that PCM's website is currently "under construction".

I wonder if it contained something they didn't want using against them in the ABSO or court cases.

Still "under construction" 4 months later - they either have a rubbish web designer or are hiding something .....
Mebbe they haven't paid the web site designer and he's pulled the plug? It happens quite a lot so I'm told.
No, it is very common with PPCs to be 'under contruction'.

e/g/ IIRC UKPAO had their 'appeals' page 'under construction' for years (naughty Steve)
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