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Full Version: fixed penalty x 2 today
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Ok here goes, i was on my motorbike going a bit fast but nothing too bad.

Pulled up to get petrol and stepped off my bike to look directly at 2 coppers behind in a ordinary (not traffic)police car. The wpc came to me and started with the how fast is the speed limit, how fast were you going i said i dont know you tell me..

The guy then came over slating my driving and because i answered him with all the right answers to blow his arguemant out of the water he got shirty.

he said ok your number plate is too small, heres a ticket for that, and weres your tax i showed him my tax disk it was in my pocket it had fallen off, i was on a garage forecourt though and not on a public highway,he said here is a ticket for that too. 2 x 60 pounds fixed penalty.

I just told him i was on to him giving me tickets because he couldnt win about how i was riding and said he should have cautioned me before he issued the tickets. he was fuming. He had no cam in his car either.

anyway..the tickets have the wrong reg number, it has a letter wrong and they only say were i was stopped with no mention of my name or anything and i didnt sign for them, what should i do?
I assume they took your details?

The number plate one is a no-brainer- u asked for that one urself unfortunatly by displaying non-conforming plates

The tax disc one could be interesting. You were commiting no offence on the petrol forecourt IMO but if it was in your pocket when you were on the road I believe you may have commited an offence.

A complaint about the officers conduct to the chief constable may be in order though
I noticed the tape holding the tax disk to the screen was coming loose as i stopped in the garage so took it off and put it in my pocket for safe keeping, the police were a little behind me at this point and would not have seen this.

I was going to see if they sold tape there and secure it back on. But i did not ride on the road with it not displayed, and even on the forecourt i was able to display the disk if asked.

So i might pay the number plates fine but contest the tax disk one.

Whats getting me is when i rang the ticket office and told them that the tickets had the wrong reg. the lady said "but your name is on it isnt it" i said no she said well then thats upto you but i cant advise you anything.
so- no name and adress taken; incorrect reg on ticket, and no cam in car.............if they haven't the intelligence to do their job correctly how are they going to trace you?

CCTV in petrol station????
He did take my details down, i think he put them in his notebook.
Maybe one of the more knowledgable people on here will confirm this, but I don't think you have commited the tax disc offence as the petrol station is off the road. Therefore I'd suggest contacting the petrol station and asking for access to the tapes, with a view to showing you taking the tax disc off whilst on the petrol stations property.

Like I said before, pay the number plate one and get conforming plates!
Top Cat
Assuming the alleged speeding was on the road (not the garage forecourt huh.gif ) then the officers have seen you driving on the road and you weren't displaying a correct tax disc when you were stopped.That would be enough.

Imagine if it weren't,you could drive around without tax and if the police tried to stop you as long as you made it to the nearest supermarket,garage,retail park or any bit of private land you'd be safe.Me thinks not.

Also you mention about the officer not cautioning you before giving you your tickets,he doesn't need to and it doesn't invalidate the ticket.
I could be wrong but if there were 2 officers then it's highly unlikely anyone will believe you over them if you take this further (or, rather, if it goes further than you intend!). Especially if he took down your name, address, etc.
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