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Full Version: unmarked mobile van
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Been lurking on here for a few years now, and nows been the time to register and ask youradvice to set my mind at rest.

I were riding my bike in a national limit (60mph) road which is a popular bike hotspot, as i came around a corner/over a crest, i could see in the distance (about 400metres) a white van. I slowed right down to about 40mph and carried on riding towards it. As i got nearer i realised it def was a unmarked mobile camera as there was two windows , one with a lens poking through a slid open window. (not a anpr van). as i got closer , a hand appeared, and waved at me. So i waved back, now assuming that ive been had. However i dont believe i was exceeding the limit, but im unsure now as to my exact speed. I carried on along the road about 1/2 mile, and hidden out of immediate view was a police traffic car. I assumed i'd be pulled over, but he didnt.

Do these vans get bike plates?

Would the copper have pulled me if i were speeding?

I read ages ago about camera operators putting the hand infront of the lens to give a false reading, could he have donr this?

obviusly its gonna be a long 14 day wait to see if anything nasty comes

thanks in advance
Pete D
Waving at you is a bit bizarre and very unlikely. He may have not been operating and was brushing off an insect form the lense or something. If it was a camera van then they do not usually have a cop car around. Some vans have a second camera to take you reg other operators just turn round and write it down in their log book. You will have to wait 14 days or so to see if a NIP drops on your mat. Pete D
He was definetly waving the more i think about it. Not sure if it were a "haha we've caught you" or a "thanks for slowing down and yes we're watching you bikers" wave
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