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Hi there wise men and women,

Your wisdom and insight in this matter is sought and valued.
"A friend" recently got a PCN. wink.gifwink.gif

The vehicle was parked in a Monmouthshire County Council owned off-road car park.
The first (and only) thing she received was a Penalty Charge Notice attached to the vehicle inside an envelope (see later).
The alleged offence was a "Failure to pay and display"

Without knowing much about these things, I notice that the legislation quoted at the top of the PCN seems out of date. I also notice (but don't know if its relevant) that the date on the PCN has a title "Date". There is not a separate "Date of issue" or "Date of offence". And there's the envelope (see below).

Curiously, the envelope it was put into on her windscreen refers to a Penalty Charge Notice Enclosed and Excess Charge Notice (x2)

Many thanks in advance.
It's issued under old but correct legislation, provided that the area is not a civil enforcement area. It's a criminal matter and adjudication lies via the magistrates' court, which is generally not worth it.
the penalty is not a criminal matter but is the statutoiy payment under the order - non payment is
a criminal matter !
Not issued in Welsh. Naughty! biggrin.gif
Thanks for the replies. The 50% off, 14-day period expires soon. Looks like the friend will just pay up. sad.gif
A letter in Welsh asking where is the version in welsh might be effective.
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