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Full Version: Parking ticket issued in the snow
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Back in february this year I got a parking ticket given to me early in the morning when we had all the bad snow
I had parked the car in the same place I do everyday for work, what I couldnt see on the day was that my back wheels where on the yellow lines. I have asked for this to be dealt with by the court and the date is coming up soon
Any advice what to say and what not to say will be greatly recieved
Photographs at the time would have been useful. If you did, post them up.
Who or waht issued you a ticket?
Was it Council/Police or a private parking company.

Tell us tha answer an then we know wot we laking at.

What Court Magistrates or County Court?
Sorry didnt get photographs
But all the weather reports for that day and previous twp days show heavy snow
It was issued by police and going to Magistrates court
Hope this helps
i think you will be lucky to get off for this

unless the snow was hard packed and piled up by council snowplow or similar
Just a quick note!
Success at court today
Went the mitigating circumstances route and got an unconditional discharge with no costs!!
All I did was take the weather reports in printed off the BBC and off the met office to show that I was not in fact making it up and that was that!
Just goes too show stand up for yourselves and sometimes justice prevails!!
You were still convicted...
What do you mean?
An unconditional discharge means "we find you guilty but impose no punishment".
Ah well, still a success in my book!
oh I see but they had to do that because I pleaded guilty too the offence as I was on double yellow lines!!!
But didn't see them when I first parked!
You had me worried then!!! Thought I hadn't won the case after all!
QUOTE (Burf @ Fri, 4 Sep 2009 - 21:29) *
You had me worried then!!! Thought I hadn't won the case after all!

I suppose it depends on your definition of "win". You "lost" in the sense that you were convicted of a criminal offence. You "won" in the sense that you were not punished for it (except having to spend time at court). As long as you're happy!

Surely it was the best possible outcome??? After all I was guilty of being on the yellow lines!!!
Almost certainly!
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