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flower girl
hi all

Today i recieved a "notice to owner of intent to issue court proceedings" letter. this is the first i have heard about it!!!!!!

i alegedly overstayed my ticket time at a pay and display car park, which i dont think i did. i did not receive a parking notice on my vehicle, neither did i receive a letter from the private parking company which they state they sent.

because the notice has not been payed they now want £100 within the next 5 days or im being taken to court,
they have not supplyed me with photographic evidence of the said offence,

they also state in the letter that because it was not payed in the alloted time that i have lost my right to appeal,

any advice would be greatly welcome. as this was a bit of a shock when i opened the letter.

Who sent you this letter?

It sounds like a PPC scam letter which you would be best advised to ignore.
flower girl
the letter is from "EXCEL PARKING SERVICES"
Ah, Excel. Last time they took someone to court they lost - big time. It was all over the papers and they looked very silly.
flower girl
what happens if i ignore this letter??
will they take me to court??

the vehicle is registered to my husband, should i tell them that he was not the driver??
Don't tell them anything. THe chances of them going to court are small. Don't worry about it.
They will not take you to court, it is a bluff to try and make you give them your money voluntarily.

Nothing will happen in 5 days. You will probably get a couple more rude letters and then they will leave you alone.

Do NOT tell them who was driving, that is one of the main legal hurdles that they would have to overcome (not that they are likely to try their luck in court ever again).
flower girl
thank you for your quick responses.

should my husband just tell them that he was not the drive without saying who the driver was??

has anyone ignored these letters and not been taken to court??
Hundreds opf thousands of these are ignored. A few have gone to court. Generally when the PPC fancies a try, or has got the victim to incriminate themselves. Hence why you should ignore them - then they have no grip on you at all!

Plenty of threads here to check out about the PPC scam and how ignoring is the best policy.
flower girl
what does ppc stand for??
ill have a read through the other posts,

thank you so much for your advice.
private parking co

best advice is to ignore - tell frnds family colleagues about this scam
• do not pay
• do not contact them
• ignore their threatebing letters
• they will give up and go away

It's a mail scam
flower girl
thank you.

im so annoyed as they say i cannot appeal, and this is my first correspondence from them. they have offered no proof that over stayed my ticket time, and think im just going to give £100.

should they not have put a ticket on my car too????
It's a scam - they don't have to do anything.
flower girl
i have read through through alot of the sucess stories, and i see a few of them have wrote to say they were not the driver and unless photographic evidence was sent to prove who the driver was then no fee will be paid.

does this only apply to council fines or ppc also.
It is old advice for PPC tickets.

Most recent policy is to completely ignore them.
This applies to PPC tickets, which are based on contract law, and their basis is that a contract is formed by the signs in the car park - hence they can only enter into an agreement with the driver. Even then, their cases are flawed further by dodgy paperwork, implausible penalty charges (which aree not allowed under contract law) and so on.

But in your case, the fact that they have sent a threatening letter to the 'owner' of the vehicle proves beyond doubt that they haven't got a leg to stand on - they can only take action against the driver.

Its pointless writing to them. They'll only think they have you rattled and will bother you for even longer than they would if you were to ignore them.

Ignore them.
flower girl
thank you all so much for your help and advice,
ill ignore them and see what happens.
flower girl
as this is adressed to my husband, the next step we take is his call, in the event he wants to write to them does anyone happen to know a name we can adress a letter to for excel parking services? just thought it may get to a person than rather than just sending to the address given.

we didnt ignore the first letter we genuinly didnt receivr one and we think £100 is outrageous for the first correspondence, and plus we dont have the right to appeal, as they didnt recieve any money from us in the time allowed.

in the event of it being taken to court, would it look more favourabl to us if we have made some attempt to reach the company or would it be better to wait until we go to court to explain our situation??

Your husband should ignore them, he certainly should not write to them. If he is silly enough to write to them, he will be placed on the hooked fish list and he will never be left alone.

They will not take you to court. There is a bigger chance of Shergar winning the 2.30 at Newmarket.
...ridden by Richard Bingham
flower girl
sorry, i dont follow??

ok i understand now haha
Michael Gibson
I thought Lucan was on form recently? Ideal jockey for old Shergar there...

(NOT HIJACKING) but I just followed someone from Euro Car parks for half an hour stapling this website address to the tickets, literally covered the thing in staples, so the bloke wouldnt take them off. When he tried to speak to me, I just pouted at him and blew him kisses. He VERY nearly pulled my finger upon request...

And... back to the thread....
flower girl
haha well done you, we need more people like you out on the streets.
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