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Full Version: VDRS tickets
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Hi guys - just a query on VDRS tickets.

Suppose you get pulled over by an officer for a defective light or noisy exhaust for example - he issues you a VDRS ticket and tells you, you have got 14 days to get the defect fixed, and the ticket stamped at an MOT station and sent back to the ticket office - suppose you then get the vehicle defect fixed within 8 or 9 days (job done at garage, paid by credit card etc)  but you don't get the vehicle defect stamped nor send the ticket back within 14 days.

Does anyone know what happens next - do they send you some kind of fixed penalty or summons after 6 months or something saying that you haven't fully complied with the VDRS (ie you've got the defect fixed and have proof via the credit card payment for the job and garage record, but you haven't got the ticket stamped or sent back within the time-limit)

Just wondering what the law is on this, any penalties etc etc.

Hi again - does anyone have any idea at all about the possible penalty for not getting the ticket stamped and sent back to the Central ticket office.

Is it just the case that there'd be a problem if you got pulled over again (by some rare chance).


Is it the case that they're likely to automatically send out some fixed penalty or something after a certain period of time for not sending the ticket back etc. ( ie. presumably they keep a note on computer that they've pulled you over and issued a ticket)

So - I'm just wondering what anyone thinks the likely penalty would be, even if no-one here actually knows the exact law on this - I've Googled on it and have found no information on the likely penalty for not sending the ticket back.

Thanks, and any ideas/thoughts would be most welcome.
This is a link to Gloucestershire's (not every forces) policy doc - you'd be interested in 6.13.

I'm currently trying to find "P35P31"   :?   Nope Nothing...Maybe someone much more knowledgable than myself will be able to help...
Thanks RedFrame - having a look around, I think the penalty for not sending the ticket back is a summons?, but am not sure what the penalty is at the summons - anyone any ideas? - points or fine or whatever? - considering I got the "defect" fixed at a local ATS garage within 8 days of getting the ticket, just feel a bit silly and frustrated  that I didn't send it back within the 14 days sad.gif
At the time of issue, the officer would have explaied that to qualify for the VDRS scheme, you wpuld have to agree to comply with ALL the conditions.

If the ticket is not returned to the CTO, you have failed to comply and face prosecution.

The fact that you have had the defect corrected and also have the receipt for the work done may be of use as a defence if it goes to court.

Just a thought, why wouldnt you send the ticket to the CTO and avoid this all together?
Got this from the Home Office site
What’s a vehicle defect rectification notice?
If your vehicle is defective, for example, one of its indictors is broken, you may be issued with a vehicle defect rectification notice. This means you have to fix the fault and provide proof, such as a receipt from a mechanic saying the fault has been fixed, at a police station.

It seems that the Home Office do not think that you need to go to an MOT station?!!
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