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Full Version: NtO Rec'd in place where previous ticket cancelled - what next?
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Hi all,
Advice required on my next move! My parter recently received a PCN on the same residents only bay which I contested and won less than 2 months ago - see here
His NtO has now arrived and as I see it he has a number of choices:
1. Write a similar letter to the one I sent and see what the response is
2. Write a similar letter to the one I sent AND send a copy of the letter they sent me cancelling my PCN
3. Write a covering letter refering only to my letter, PLUS a copy of the letter they sent me cancelling my PCN

Surely they can't expect him to pay when they admit that the markings are incorrect in reply to my letter. I'm just not sure the best way to approach this? Any advice would be greatfully received! Out of interest the lines have still not been changed and I didn't expect too see a traffic warden there until they had been. His PCN was received approx 10 days from mine being cancelled!!

Thanks all,
Unless a scam is ruled on by an adjudicator they can keep issuing away.
I'm not really suprised that the can continue to issue tickets, I just thought that they wouldn't, or not as soon after they did anyway!
Thanks for replies, I will see what others say, but I was thinking along the lines of my second option as well :-)
Thanks both!
They can issue and you can keep appealing!
Contact a newspaper for max effect.
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